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Pleasurable Pelvic Floor - Full Course


This is a self-led course. 1 Time Purchase with unlimited access. PRICE IS CHARGED IN CAD (397$USD) TO PURCHASE: Make a login and then it will take you to the purchase page. PRICE IS IN CAD (397$USD) What’s Inside: * Anatomy * 21 Exercises * 2 Full length Pilates Classes - Release & Strengthen * Massage * Prevention * Trauma Release * How to Breath * Nervous System * Understand Pain * 12 Common Problems Included: * Fully understand Pelvic Floor * Guided easy to follow classes & practices to follow * Pre/Post Natal * Better sex! * Vaginismus * Sciatica & Pirifomis Syndrome * Low Back Pain * Diastase Recti * Hip Issues * Much more!

You can also join this program via the mobile app. Go to the app


Pelvic Floor 497$CAD, CA$497
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