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Welcome Magical Being,


I'm Nadia (They/She),

I'm a VITA™ Certified Sex Coach.

Pleasure Witch.

Tantrika Priestess.

Sexual Liberation Educator.

Podcaster. Author. Public Speaker.

Intersectional Advocate.

Human Experience Connoisseur.

Former Sex Worker.
Slut. Queer. Gender Expansive.

My career is in my highest alignment and it is what I was put on this earth to do.

I work to liberate humans from the oppressive conditioning around their sexuality and pleasure and awaken their magic!

I teach you the tools to do it yourself and you use this information for a lifetime!


Here's the tea,

I used to pretty much only have sex when I was intoxicated or so out of my body that I was floating above looking down at myself. 

I was extremely depressed and lived in chronic unexplained pain. I tried ALL types of therapy. I was so fucking fed up that nothing stuck but I couldn't stop searching.
I was shammed, ridiculed, and exploited for being a sexual being, so I tried to numb my pain.

When I found sacred sexuality, my whole life changed.

I was on a Jade Egg retreat and there was a profound moment

where we had to ask our pussy for permission before we put the egg inside.
Mine said no and I did it anyway.
This moment changed my life forever. It was the beginning of healing my

relationship to my pussy and my whole body.


I now live in my Pussy Magic in everything that I do. I love myself so radically that ALL of me is welcome in this world. Even those deep dark shadows. I have epic loving community around me and the sex.... welll the sex is extraordinary. Embodied, magical, manifesting, healing, cosmic, wild, and free! 

I live a Magical Life, and I'm here to guide you to one as well!


My Mission Statement:

"I desire every women and vulva bodied being to reclaim their magic and power by healing their relationship to their body through the tool of pleasure!"

-Nadia Lune✨

My Credentials:

I am a 750hr VITA™ Certified Sex Coach
through The Tantric Institute of Integrated Sexuality™
With extra 600hrs of specializations in Female body Sexuality

& Sex Magic - Jade Egg, & Tantric Sex (200hrs each).

I have been studying Sex, Pleasure, Love, and Relationships for over a decade spanning academic and traditional methods and philosophies from many cultures all over the world. I am also writing a book on the cross cultural comparison of what it means to thrive in Sex, Love, and Relationships!

I have multiple certifications in Dance Therapy from Adama Dance and Rio Abeirto and I am full 5 aparatus STOTT Pilates certified.

In my Pilates career I specialized in Pelvic Floor.

Along with many many workshops and lower hr certifications as well as consistent ongoing education.

I am always happy to provide more specifics to anyone who asks directly.

My work merges my hundreds of hours of in-person and 1-1 hands on work with hundreds of clients with the worlds of embodiment, physical health, body functionality, and psychological, social, somatic health, and magic!

I have experience working with all different body types, abilities, and genders.

Truly returning humans back to their wholistic health. 

It is my greatest gift to guide others to their own power and magic!



I have been deeply connected to intersectional activism from childhood. Realizing early on, not all humans are born with the same privilege. I am personally apart of some marginalization; a former sex worker, a survivor of sexual assault, queer, female bodied, gender expansive, living with long-term non-visible disability. But I also recognize my privilege in that my skin is white and that I grew up in an upper middle class household. 

Intersectionality is absolutely integral to my work.

You can only come so far in your own healing journey if you are not also lifting up the marginalized collective. 

I am constantly in a learning experience of being a better advocate for those who are marginalized in our society.

My work is trauma informed and trauma sensitive. It is boldly trans and non binary inclusive, because no matter your gender or genitals, everyone deserves healing and magical pleasure! I work hard to be an ally for those with disabilities and for BIPOC people by recognizing that I am not perfect and I am always open to being compassionately "called in" from those whom are of any marginalized groups.

My commitment is to create safe and brave spaces in this way because this is the way to be able to go deeper in your somatic.

And this is one of the reasons it is profoundly different and more potent compared to other ways you may have tried.

Because my work combines teachings that are not of my ethnic origin I hold integrity in this in the following ways:

1. I only teach practices and philosophies that are encouraged to be spread around the world through different cultures and are not exclusively for indigenous groups to teach but rather encouraged for all to teach.

2. I always state and educate about the origins of my teachings and my lineage of teachers and ethnic lineage of my teachings.

3. Intersectional activism is integral to my work and my teachings teach and promote this framework.


I have done a huge part of the trial and error, and my vast life experience gives me if not relatability, compassion and empathy to whatever your path may be.

My path is not better, but it makes me the best at being able to hold you through yours and give you permission to live your most expanded life.

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