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Speaking Engagements

Experience the captivating energy that Nadia has to offer in person or online live. 


Topics to speak on:

Workshop - Intro to Orgasm Empowerment 

A 1hr interactive workshop on how we can start to feel empowered through reclaiming our sacred sexuality and why it is so important.


How it is not what we think it is, how we can expand our idea of it, and how our expanded understanding can shift our sex life and our life in general

Pelvic Floor

Practical information as a foundation to having more wild orgasmic pleasure!

Sexual Empowerment
With a possible focus on Queer folk and/or S
ex Workers.

Intersectionality and Sexuality

LGBTQ+, sex worker, disability, body type inclusivity, BIPOC advocacy, teaching BIPOC traditions as a white person  

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