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The Pleasure Witch


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How Pleasure Magic changed their lives:

Alexa Y, CA

“I felt broken in my body and my pleasure before I learn Pleasure Magic. It returned me to loving my body and confidence in my body and my sexuality unlike anything I have ever tried before. If you commit yourself it will change you. External and internal changes unlike I ever imagine were possible. I know my power now and no one can ever take it from me again!"

I am a VITA™ Certified Sex, Love, & Relationship Coach and Pleasure Witch. 

I have been studying embodiment, relationships, sex, and pleasure for over a decade. When I reclaimed my magic and became a sex witch, my whole life changed! 

Now I am here to teach you the tools to do it yourself! To have the most magical sex, love, and relationships.


My work is about shifting humans from their suffering into living full liberated pleasure filled lives!

That means ALL of you is welcome here. 

And you are in the right place to step into aliveness and shift into epic pleasure!


I came from pain and numbness in my mind and body to epic explosive magical sex and pleasure!

Goddess, you may feel like it is impossible right now but YOU ARE MAGICAL AND WORTHY AND DESERVING!

Hello Magical One,
I'm Nadia (they/she)
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